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Tracking Winds in the Florida Keys

In Key West, the prevailing winds typically come from the east and southeast due to its location in the Florida Keys and its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean.

We continue to monitor so that we can ensure everyone a safe day out on the water! The US Coast Guard will halt boat rentals if they deem it to rough, choppy or winds over 20 mph.

Check here for the current Wind Status in Key West using Windfinder.

Here are some key points about winds in Key West:

  1. Trade Winds: During the winter months (December to April), Key West often experiences easterly trade winds. These winds are generally steady and moderate, providing pleasant conditions for sailing and outdoor activities.
  2. Summer Winds: In the summer (May to October), the winds in Key West can vary more due to tropical weather patterns, including sea breezes and occasional changes associated with nearby weather systems like tropical storms or hurricanes.
  3. Average Wind Speeds: The average wind speed in Key West varies throughout the year but generally ranges from 8 to 15 mph. However, during periods of stronger weather systems, wind speeds can increase significantly.
  4. Impact on Activities: Winds play a significant role in water sports and sailing activities in Key West. Many sailing charters and water-based tours are scheduled to take advantage of favorable wind conditions for smoother sailing and better experiences.
  5. Weather Influence: The winds in Key West are influenced by the overall weather patterns in the region, including high-pressure systems, tropical disturbances, and frontal passages.

For specific wind forecasts and real-time conditions, it’s advisable to check with local weather services or marine forecasts, especially if you’re planning activities like sailing, kiteboarding, or fishing that are directly affected by wind conditions. We often use Windfinder

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