Florida Keys Boat Rentals

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Jump in and captain your very own private boat as your tour guide takes you through Key West’s backcountry on this one-of-a-kind Key West eco-excursion.

Follow our guide around Key West – Our Guide will show you were to go and point out the wildlife and points of interest as you travel around Key West and the Key West Back Country.

Drive your own Mini Speed Boat – We will show you how to drive your own boat with just you and a friend to have the best time.

This trip takes you through the Florida Marine Sanctuary. Grab some snorkel gear and explore this mangrove island, known for its crystal clear waters and abundant wildlife. Come explore our secluded beaches and mangrove islands only accessible by boat. This 25-mile guided tour is arguably the most beautiful Key West excursion.

*Guests should have previous boating experience.

No boating experience?
Ask about our Private Captain Charters for 6 people

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