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Est 2005

It was in the late 70’s that my brother, Rick and I found ourselves spending the summer months in Key Largo. It was the first time we had been there, living at the campgrounds next to the water. We were young, not even teenagers at the time. Over the next few summer’s, we stayed in Key Largo and Marathon Key.  But it was our visits to Key West that had us in awe. 

It wasn’t until the early 2000’s when Rick picked up and moved to Key West. As a mechanic he immediately found work and from there it didn’t take long for the locals to call upon him to fix their boats. Over the years Rick transitioned into boat rentals and built up his business. He enjoyed the many aspects of being by the sea and creating lasting memories for families. His forward, honest and carefree style attracted many and he became well known with the locals, tourists and even the Coast Guard.

Now we have more family members that have joined the team. We are proud to say that we are a family owned and operated business. 

I welcome you and your family to call us. Let us help you, create memories that will last you and your lifetime.

With gratitude, Jae

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Our family owned business, since 2005, is crazy about boating in the Florida Keys !

Offering the widest selection of Pontoons, Deck Boats, Center Consoles and Charters for any occasion.

What makes us different?

Key West has beautiful Back Country. You can find your own private fishing hole, sand bar, or even snorkel on the reef. Florida Keys Boat Rentals  provides you with a wide range of rentals, charters and watersports to choose from.

We show you the fishing holes, snorkeling spots and local hangouts to make the best of your self guided boating tour on the beautiful waters of Key West, Florida. We have a boat rental for any occasion.

Boat the clear waters of Key West, zip around the Back Country, find your own private fishing hole, scuba dive spot or a snorkel spot on the reef. Florida Keys Boat Rentals makes this all possible. Set your own schedule and choose from a wide range of reliable, comfortable rental boats. All of our rental boats are perfect from a day of diving, snorkeling or private sunset cruises in Key West.

Boat Rentals KW Key West Florida FL.

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