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November 3rd-10th 2024

Key West Race Week is a premier sailing event held annually in Key West, Florida. Its typically  known for attracting sailors from around the world to compete in various classes of sailboats. The event is renowned not only for its competitive sailing but also for the vibrant social scene and the beautiful setting of Key West. If you’re interested in participating or attending, it’s a fantastic opportunity to witness top-notch sailing competition in a stunning location.

“RWO (Race Week Opti) Key West 2024,” From seasoned professionals to eager newcomers, everyone is invited to witness the spectacle and be part of the excitement. Share the passion for the open sea and the power of high-performance boats.

This event isn’t just about the races; it’s a gathering of enthusiasts who share a deep passion for the sea and the power of these impressive boats. With its stunning backdrop and the culmination of the season, Key West is poised to deliver an unforgettable experience for all attendees.

So, plan ahead by renting a boat during your stay and be a part of the excitement!! Call for details 305-797-8954 or text us at 305-433-1987

For additional information and schedule visit: Race World  Offshore

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